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Donna Payne

    Psychic Medium



Donna has been intuitively gifted since she was 3 years of age.  She has since trained and became a Reiki Master and Healer as well as a Psychic Medium. Donna has her Minister's License and opened the Circle of Light Church in early 2001 after experiencing a divine connection with God during a healing. 

Donna began her training in Mediumship & Channeling graduating in 2001  at the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies under Jason Oliver and Sandy Anastasi owner of Star Child in Port Charlotte FL. Donna gave readings on Wednesday nights

at Star Child and was well known for her 

readings in North Port, Port Charlotte,

Venice and Sarasota, FL. Now many years later she is 

Internationally known for her down to earth style and



Ingrained with a deep sense of truth and honesty,

Donna gives her readings from her heart. What

can you expect from a reading with Donna?  

Donna will share the information that Spirit is wanting you to know. Donna says “I prefer to not have any information except for your name. When receiving a reading from me, I will ask you to answer in yes and no responses so I can provide you the message with an unbiased mind. I always allow time for questions and will do my best to retrieve from Spirit the answer.  I wish only the highest and the best for you the client and that is what I strive to achieve."

Here is what Donna says about her work. “I love helping people find the answers they seek and the direction they should go in. For my clients that get mediumship readings:  my desire is to help them on their path to healing and for them to know that even though their loved one is not in this physical world, they are still here sharing with them all that life has still to offer. I believe our loved ones show us all the time that they are here. With songs, dreams and synchronicity."


Tip for a successful reading:

  1. Come with an open mind and heart.

  2. Relax! Take a deep breath (or 3) and just allow your mind and body to relax. Then give permission to your guides to connect with me so that you will receive the answers that will help you to move forward with your life.

  3. Leave your expectations at home

  4. Enjoy!  Most reading are fun and informative so sit back and enjoy your message.


If you can do these 4 things you will not miss your personal message from spirit.

I would like to quickly address two things. First being if you come to me for reading I have fibromyalgia so I am highly allergic to fragrance. I am asking that you please do not wear any perfume on the day of your reading or I will have to reschedule because fragrance gives me an intense migraine headache. Thank you for your understanding.


The second thing I would like to address is I am not affiliated with any other company, person or group. People are using my name to promote their business and I am not affiliated with them. I am working diligently to remove these false advertisements and tags so in the meantime please do not click on anything that does not have my name only. If by chance you do click on it and you see someone else's name or promotion of another psychic then that is a false advertisement using my name to bait you into their site.

Fort Myers, FL




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