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PsychicReadings & Reiki


When you call for a psychic reading please give me your name and phone number only when you are setting up your time for your reading. There is no need to tell me anything about you before your reading. The less I know about you before your psychic reading the better the reading will go.

Below are the prices for all my services.


Private Readings can be done in person or over the phone.


30 minute Reading is $75.00

60 minute Reading is $150.00


Small Group Readings : are a group of 6 clients at your home. The rate for these 15 minute mini readings is a flat rate of $300. This needs to be scheduled in advance and pre paid for 3 weeks prior to scheduled the event. (do to health reasons I am not doing large groups at this time)



Gallery Readings : are a group of 10 clients. ( I am not offering these at this time)


The rate for gallery readings are $50.00 per person with a minimum of 10 people per gallery. Gallery Readings are usually done in the comfort of your home.  Donna will receive and share messages from your loved ones, and or spirit to the individuals participating in the group.Please call to set up the appointment. All Gallery Readings need to be paid for 1 week prior to the event. (I do need to stress that there no guarantee that all participants will get read.I have no control over who comes in. It is spirit who determines who will be participating in the reading)



Reiki Healings:


Reiki healing sessions are 30 minute for $75.00 Reiki can be done in person or long distance.


R & R :


This is a 1/2 hour Reading & a 1/2 hour Reiki Session. This can be done in person or long distance. The rate for the R&R is $150.00



Tips for a Reading:



~ Prepare important questions beforehand and ask Spirit to bring answers through prayer or meditation.


~ Take a moment of quiet before your reading to open your energies,

welcoming the experience with a trusting attitude.


~ Invite your spirit loved-ones to attend the session and bring you guidance where needed.


~ Feel free to bring an object related to the spirit loved-ones that you hope to connect with.


~ Remember that mediums do not control who comes through from the other side, how they communicate, or what messages they will have. Spirit has free will!


~ Nervousness is normal, so please,

do attend and claim the gifts that Spirit has for you!




All psychic readings may or maynot include connecting with your loved ones on the other side. Most of the time family does come through but in some cases it is just not possible. It could be spirit, it could be the  we are not on the same frequencies or Spirit might not feel you are ready, it is hard to say. So please if you are hoping to connect with a loved one please bring an object that was your loved ones to insure a stronger connection.


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