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The testimonials below are from clients who have had readings that have helped them, given them comfort, closer, guidance or all the above. If you've decided to get a reading from me because of the testimonials and you benefited from that reading please leave your testimonial on the next page so someone else may read it like you did and make the call.

Now I would just like to take a moment and thank all of my very special clients for taking the time to write out there experience for others to read. I am honored to have met each and every one of you. My greatest passion in life is to use this gift I was born with to help others connect with their love ones so they may find comfort, closer and to give direction to others who may not have lost someone but are still in need of direction.








Donna's reading for me was amazing to say the least. She was very on point and suprised me with some of the things she knew, it was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend a visit with her. My only regret is that I didn't get an hour session instead. Rebecca Burns



​ I saw Donna a few days ago,March 28th. 2017!!!!! I was very pleased with my reading!!! She was spot on about my family members!!!! The atmosphere was warm and inviting!!! I felt very much at ease!!!! She also connected with some family and a friend who has passed!!! Would recommend her for sure!!!!! Sincerely Kathy!!!




I had my first reading with Donna today and was very impressed with her accuracy. She was very relaxing to talk with, her sense of humor a delight, and I enjoyed hearing input from some of my spirits. The information that she gave me will enable me to work on some of my problem areas mainly to lighten up and enjoy life and to listen to my gut feelings. Thanks so much and I'll be in touch again. Jo Ann




Donna, Thank you for our very first reading this weekend. As one might imagine, we tried to keep an open mind going into this, as we were somewhat skeptical. But, after spending an hour and a half with you, we can't believe how amazing this experience was. We have always thought and felt there is a presence with us at different times, and your ability to connect with those spirits, with no knowledge of our experiences, was truly unbelievable. Thank you for a great experience, we are looking forward to the next time. Howard and Tara





Perfect Reading. She knew exactly what was going on in my life. She was able to provide insight on how to fix the continuing problems I've been having and lead me in the right direction. She was spot on and someone I'll use again.






Hi Donna! It's Hillary. I wanted you to know just how thankful Brittany and I are that we saw you and we were able to get such peace from you. Time escaped us, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.We are so grateful to you. Thank you. 





Donna, You are very talented! The words that come to mind for me when I think of you is - Light Worker. Our reading today really nourished me. I had a deep sense of peace as you shared the important role that love plays in our lives. Thank you for embracing your gift so fully and offering it to me and others. I think you represent your gift honestly and that the half hour that we spent together was a great investment. Most Sincerely, Shannon







Donna was able to connect with my father who had recently passed away. She


described how he passed without any help from me. She also provided many validations


allowing me to know it was for sure my dad. I look forward to another reading with her


again soon!! Thanks Donna,











Thank You Donna, it's nice to know that someone with your gift is willing to share it 


with the world. Getting in touch with my husband and receiving an apology from him


meant everything to me. All that you said has helped me more than you will ever know.


Thanks Again, Kathleen








Donna,  Is clearly capable With connecting to spirits on the other side. She is able to


reveal certain things that only you and your loved ones will know about. I truly Believe


in her abilities, A master of her profession! Thank you Donna.  


Tommy Fort Myers








I had never had a reading before and was quite nervous - Donna was able


to put me at ease. She hit on several things going on in my life - using the


EXACT same phrases I had been thinking to myself over past few months,


truly amazing.



Lindsey kaiser 








Have you ever felt you were being compelled to see or meet someone

specific? That's the way it was with everything surrounding my meeting with

you. I'm positive I didn't find you by accident and the family spirits that guided me to you were certainly vocal in getting me to you and in our reading! You and I both felt the electricity and non-stop goosebumps for an hour! Not only that, there was just a total ease from the moment you opened the door all the way through the reading and into the Reiki session too. The information, confirmations and affirmations were SO spot on! I was beyond happy getting the messages, but I have to say, the greatest gift on top of it all was having my beloved Grandmother and Uncle come through and the things my Grandmother shared made me smile all the way from inside out and I'm still smiling. The hug I received from her through you brought tears to my eyes too.I look forward to more Reiki sessions and future readings too. You have a true gift and I'm so grateful I found you and am lucky enough to be able to experience what your abilities allow you to share. Thank you. Truly... thank


you! -Melissa P







Donna did a reading for me in December.  6 months later I can happily report

that most everything she told me has happened.  I am going back to see her agian.  I would recommend Donna wholeheartedly to anyone.

She is right on target with her readings!


Linda Merritt







Donna has been in my life for several years now......I have ask for her 

insight on several a matter of fact the most recent time

I have reached out to her was last week....There had been a few personal as well as professional blocks going on with me. As usual , Donna could see....I mean really see,,, what I needed to do and not do in my life to realize and accomplish my dreams....It was so simple, but yet so amazing....Thanks to her outlook on my future ,I'm learning to love myself , my talent of art and creativity ...... and I feel very confident I will reach my goal .........Thanks Donna, I'm on my way...... 


Barbara Barnes








I had my very first reading performed today by Donna. My husband recently passed away and she was able to connect to his spirit in  such a way I have found amazing comfort afterwards. Donna sensed my high levels of anxiety and was unable to connect with me until she found a way to ease my mind with the soothing and healing guidance that she possesses. I am baffled by what all she was able to see and communicate to me through channeling his spirit. I feel very blessed that I found her and can begin to grieve knowing he is at peace. She described his final resting place death & his own personality to a T with zero prompting or me speaking of my situation. I continue to reevaluate our time together and now feel comfort knowing he truly is by mine and my daughters side, and that he wants me to stop all the crying;-) hahaha...thank you so very much Donna, I definitely plan to return in the future! "


Wendy Baldwin





"My husband and I had readings on May 23, 2014. Donna was incredibly accurate and spot on with the readings. In the past we have had readings by many well known psychics in New York and another in Florida, where we now reside. What set Donna apart was not just veracity of facts, but compassion, honesty and the amount of time she afforded, which was unparalleled. We would recommend Donna without hesitation for giving us a clear vision, connecting the past, present and future! "


Thank you Donna. Susan H.





"Ms Donna, I heard about you though a friend. As I head down my journey of life, people seem to pop into my life for some unknown reason. I learn many things from them and then I move on in the flow of life. You're one of those people (Donna). I've experience many reading in the past 15 years. You are one of the best I have come across. My reading was amazing! You confirmed and validated many things for me without knowing anything about me. Very nice way to give a reading. You have a great ability to connect with spirit and give a message. You are a wealth of information. Thanks for the wonderful reading."


Ms Nancy Anderson  March 27, 2014



Donna, I want to thank-you for the great reading you gave

me on tuesday 2/27/2014.  You've never met me and yet you on 

could tell me things only I would know and never shared with anyone. Everthing you told me just confirmed that I'm on tract with my life and the changes I'm making. Your information and suggestions about my husband are very helpful.He is struggling with issues that are difficult. I also want to thank my friend who found you and help setup this reading. Our paths may have never crossed without her. Will be getting another reading in the future. Thanks again!"                                                          


Joan Geib    






"I regularly visit Donna Payne for readings. She is extremely


inviting and sincere. She is always incredibly accurate and


honest with her descriptions. It's an amazing experience every time."


Jill Carlton



"Hi Donna, 

Thank you for the reading on Tuesday. The things you said were so accurate. I was hoping to hear from my dad and when he came through it really made my day. You really got his true qualities. I will be back again."

M. B.


"I went to see Donna Payne for a reading. She was warm and welcoming and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She took her time and was accurate. I liked her honesty and I will be returning to Donna Payne for my future psychic readings."

Erica Jordan



"I didn't get to say goodbye to my husband when he died and I was very devistated and depressed. Thank you so much for letting me know he was okay. It has really helped for me to go on with my life knowing that he is still with me."




"Donna you were so right on with the information that you gave me. I especially liked that you did not want to know anything about me and would only let me answer in yes and nos. There is no way that you could have known what you did. Thanks!"

Nichole S.



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