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I am always asked "Does Heaven and Hell Exist?"

Being a Medium I am often asked about Heaven and Hell, a lot. This is an understandable concern for most people. If you have a loved one on the other side you may be concerned for their happiness. If someone was taken from you, you may want to be assured that the perpetrator will be punished.

In my experience and from what I have gathered over the years when I have connected with spirit is that, there is no Heaven or Hell. When we pass from this world we wake up in a more enlightened world (for lack of a better term). Let say if you went to sleep tonight and tomorrow you woke in a beautiful place and instead of questions you suddenly had full knowledge of life and felt unconditional love. You're life before sleep would be considered a vivid dream and you would have incredible recollection of that dream. You would use that dream to learn from and use it as a guide for the life you are living and perhaps the next. Does that make sense? So now you ask "What happens to the bad people, suicides or drug overdoses don't they go to hell?" It has been my experience that they go into a space or level that is something like a time out or a lower vibration were they review there life and the lessons they missed. Some end up coming back to re-due their life and some came to play their part for someone else to learn a lesson. Some can be reached and some can't.

Without the bad there would be no good. Think about it. If your life was great all the time you would not be motivated to learn something hard because why rock the boat...right? We have things that are uncomfortable in our lives to motivate us to learn to love others, ourselves, and to move beyond were we started from.

This is just a small explination of a huge subject. My goal in writing this is to ease your fear of the after life and know that we are forever moving towards unconditional love.

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