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The Do's and Don'ts when getting a Psychic Reading

I thought I would write this blog to help people get the best reading possible. Also this information will help you to determine if the reader is a fake or someone scamming you.

First and foremost if you go to a Reader (and I use reader because there are many ways to read a person) you should only give the Reader your name. If this Reader starts talking to you about why you are there than they are what I call fishing. What I mean by that is that they are feeling you out for things to parrot back to you so you will think that they are correct. A truly gifted reader will not want to talk to you beyond explaining how a reading works and what to expect, prior to your reading. It is our job to tell you what it is that is going on with you. Not the other way around. I myself prefer yes and no answers. On occasion after I have given the information to the client and they have confirmed it. I sometimes let them explain but only after I have told them first. A lot of times in my readings I am constantly telling the client to let me tell them and then they can tell me. The only time I want to know more is if I have conflicting information or two things that could possibly be the same answer. Like if someone has passed from something like medical prescriptions that were used as illegal drugs. I might get both and say "I am getting that they passed from either medical prescriptions and or drugs." In that case it was both that caused the illness. They were using someone else's prescription medication as an illegal drug. Something like that is for clarification after I gave the information.

I understand that you want to talk about your concerns and that you might have questions. A good reader will leave enough time to address your questions and then give you a synopsis of the reading.

So here is what you need to look out for:

1. If your reader starts talking to you or asking questions about how you are or what or why you are there. (We know why you are there. To get guidance)

2. If your reader lets you go on and on about yourself and your life.

3. If they give you a reading and then tell you there is a curse or that they can help you get your true love if you give them large sums of money.

4. They cannot give you anything concrete about you. Everything is common or superficial.

5. They only talk about things that cannot be validated. (Like if they give you only future stuff and nothing happening now or only things about your guides that you don't recognize.

6. What the Reader says is not written in stone. You have free will. You have choices. If it feels right for you than by all means try it, but if it feels weird or bad or makes you uncomfortable than don't do it. Readers are not Gods and don't have a free pass to all knowledge so please take the advice and see if it fits. Only you can decide if this is the path you want to take. That is why God gave us free will.

Now after all that is said and done. I want to say that I am not a fluff reader but that is not to say that I have not had my moments were Spirit has given me glimpses at peoples Soul or future stuff, but on most occasions they also gave me facts as well. I did have a girl recently that had such a religious energy around her that that is all I saw. She had a nun and a monk with her and her message was to learn to tap into her own abilities. She had a brilliant Soul that wanted to express itself and the body that housed the soul was not aware of its desire.

Spirit is in charge of what it wants you to know. They cannot tell us what it is we should do but they can guide and give us a direction we should look in.

Bottom line is that if your reader lets you talk about yourself before the reading than you should get up and leave. They are not there to help you. They just want your money.

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