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All About Layering 2

I am learning a lot about composition of cards. I have been experimenting with adding more elements to my cards. I do like clean and simple cards but I am finding that I am also enjoying making more intricate designs as well. For most of these cards I will be showing I have tried to incorporate stenciling, stamping and embossing folders. I am really enjoying the challenge of making many different kinds of cards. For these cards I used all Altenew products. For the Hello card on the right, I used the Altenew's Spring Daisy stamp and the leaf cluster stamp. I also used the leaves from the Airbrushed flowers and the mega sentiments. I had fun making the leaves in the background to give a lot of dimension. I stamped the same stamp 3 times before re-inking. I then added some splatter and a little bling to give it more interest. For the daisies I used Buttercream, Warm Sunshine and citrus burst, for the leaves I used Forest Glades for the leaves.

For the middle card I used Altenew's Peony Bouquet. This is one of my favorite stamps as it has beautiful layering that give this flower a lot of depth. I used a leaf embossing folder that I had in the draw and then used Mixed media ink to color the background and to make the leaves pop. The colors used were Forest Glades and ButterCream. The ink used to make the Peonies was Pink Diamond, Pinkalicious and Rubilite, The small yellow flower is made with ButterCream and Warm Sunshine. The leaves were Forest Glades and Evergreen.

The card on the right happens to be my favorite so far that I have made. I started to think about this card differently. I was planning this card in my head. This is a first for me as I usually start the card and see where it takes me, but for this card I had an idea starting to form before I even made the card. I think that is why it was so successful. I started to think about the background and how I wanted to my card to have more than just a plain white background. I started with the writing on the background and then thought it would be more interesting if I could emboss the whole page to give it depth. I then wanted to see more of the texture so I used my blending brushes to create a soft pale pink using my mixed media Coral Berry. Once I was happy with that I stenciled the Airbrushed Stencil flower and leaves to add even more depth as I was planning to die cut my main focal point. the stenciled flowers are done in mixed media ink, Coral berry and ButterCream, and the leaves in Forest Glades. I used ButterCream, Warm Sunshine and Vanilla Cream. I then used my small detail blender brushes to deepen the centers of the flowers. I also took a brown pen and created a more detail stamen in the center of each flower. I also used my Woodless Color pencils to even further add dimension. I ended up adding a strip of salmon paper to match my flowers and give this card a completed look. I also ended up tearing the edges as it gave my card a soft romantic feel. I think this card used every product I own except my watercolors LOL. All in all I believe this is my best card to date! I am having trouble on which sentiment will be the right sentiment to put on there. I did finally choose Happy Mothers Day as the sentiment. I hope you like it. Scroll all the way to the bottom to comment.


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